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Our Commitment to Veterans

We are an organization that embraces the Core Values of the U.S. Military and believe that their experiences help to strengthen our workforce. As our strong network of veterans and military spouses will attest, we have developed a workforce culture that celebrates and values their unique experiences and contributions to society. The MarketSource Veteran and Military Spouse program consists of a variety of components, culminating in veterans, reservists and military spouses finding and sustaining a meaningful career with MarketSource. MarketSource is committed to partnering with veterans to leverage refined and diverse skill sets within the scope of civilian careers and supporting military spouse employment.

From Service to Career with MarketSource

MarketSource values the unique experiences and skills that military service members, veterans and military spouses bring to our workforce. We are dedicated to providing meaningful career opportunities to individuals transitioning into civilian employment. Search our current openings around the country to see how MarketSource is there as you transition from military service to career.

Military Partnerships

Serving others is a Core Value that is deeply embedded in everything we do. We serve our clients daily by ensuring we deliver on our promises to them. We serve our colleagues by empowering and enabling their growth and development. And, we have a long-standing tradition of serving the communities where our employees across the country live and work.

Our commitment to serving others is reinforced when our team members give back in their local communities, donate to worthy causes, and gather as leaders to lend a hand to serve our heroes. A growing number of partnerships include:

Military FAQs
Does MarketSource have a military recruitment team?

MarketSource’s recruitment and talent acquisition teams actively focus on attracting and hiring veterans on an ongoing basis. This is because we understand the value that our current veteran colleagues bring to our organization. We are also aware of the fact that veterans possess vast and diverse skill sets, with interests in all types of roles. With that being said, each recruitment professional at MarketSource can be considered a ‘military recruiter’.

How can I contact the military recruitment team?

If you would like to reach a recruiter, please email us at The best way to get in touch is to visit our careers page and apply to a role that aligns with your interests and skill sets. In the event that you are unable to identify a position that resonates with you, please be sure to join our Talent Community. This will provide us with a way to keep you updated regarding new positions that may be of interest to you in the future.

I want to work for MarketSource once I leave the military in 12 to 18 months. When should I contact you?

Two months before you are available to begin working, please visit our careers page to submit an employment application. Many of our open positions require a multi-stage interview process comprised of phone and in-person interviews and an assessment.

In the interim, please join our Talent Community to receive updates regarding career openings.

My resume reflects my military experience. Does MarketSource offer assistance with writing a military-to-civilian resume?

MarketSource provides assistance with translating military skill sets to civilian terms. We certainly understand that your service has provided you with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and are happy connect you with one of our partners who can work with you to articulate your strengths in the form of a resume.

Due to my service in the military, I don't have a college degree. Will MarketSource still consider me?

We currently hire individuals with diverse backgrounds, experience, and education levels. With that being said, we do hire individuals without a college degree. Please visit our careers page to learn more.

What job areas are most applicable to my military experience?

At MarketSource we realize that veteran candidates possess varying levels of experience and expertise. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize that Military Skills Translator function to identify open roles that align with your skill set.

If I work at MarketSource and my spouse gets orders to move, can I keep my job in our new duty station?

With career opportunities across the United States, you have the ability to continue your tenure at MarketSource- regardless of the location of your spouse’s new military assignment.

I have gaps in my employment history because I have moved around to support my spouse's military career. Are there job opportunities for me at MarketSource?

At MarketSource we value your family’s commitment to serving our country, and understand the sacrifices that it has entailed. Whether or not you have employment gaps on your resume, we encourage you to apply to open roles that interest you for further consideration.

My spouse has been on many military deployments, so I have been out of the workforce and a stay-at-home mom/dad. I’m ready to start my career now. Given my limited work experience, what job opportunities at MarketSource will be available to me?

There is a role for virtually every candidate, including those with limited work experience, at MarketSource. Visit our careers page to see for yourself!

Build your relationships, work hard, and have a selfless attitude.

– Eva Davis | HR Business Partner